Sunday, June 27, 2010

i really have nothing to say but want to post something anyway.

I'm having a bit of a hard time concentrating today and coming up with a blog-worthy topic.

It might be the insanely beautiful weather.

It might be the fact that I finished my work yesterday and my brain is rebelling against any type of constructive thought.

It might be the fact that my brother will be here in 2 days.

It might be the fact that said brother and I are going to Dublin in 3 days.

It might be the fact that I'm going home in 12 days.

Maybe it's because every time I look at my hands I start thinking about what color I'm going to paint my nails next, but then I remember I'm waiting to paint my nails because you know that little note on the nail polish bottle that says "apply base coat first"? Yeah I totally ignored that and now my nails are kind of stained and I'm 99.9% sure that's why so I'm waiting to see if the stained color grows out but I really want to paint my nails like, yesterday, so I'm getting kind of impatient and yelling "grow!" at my nails. But that's crazy, because nails don't talk, and they definitely can't hear. Could you imagine if fingernails had ears?

See what I have to deal with? See the ridiculous amount of randomness going through my brain right now?

Too bad I couldn't make a post about all of this.

Except that I totally just did.

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