Saturday, October 29, 2011

a letter to mother nature.

Dear Mother Nature,

Who do you think we are, Upstate New York? It's too early for snow. Please come back in about a month, when the snow has a fighting chance of sticking to the ground and being pretty, as opposed to obnoxious.

Kisses and Hugs,

Friday, October 28, 2011


The boyfriend *hates* it when I say that. But it's true. I'm totally winning. Like, not sarcastically, totally seriously, winning.

Who knew that only eating APs + like 5WP (or WP but no AP depending on how you like to look at it) would result in a loss? Anyone? No? Me either.

-1.6 today. I'll fist pump to that!

Friday, October 14, 2011

i'd rather be the tortoise.

This morning, I stepped on the scale for my weekly WI.


Yes, there's a period in front of that 2.

I want to get mad at that number, but then I remember that I had Panera mac and cheese for dinner last night. I think the fact that I lost anything is a damn miracle.

I want to "woe is me" to everyone I talk to, but then I see the post-it taped to my desk in front of my computer (intentionally and strategically placed) where I'm recording each WI, starting from the Friday after I returned from Europe and recommitted myself to finishing this thing. I realize that not only have I either maintained or lost every week since (which is a feat in and of itself), but my average loss is right at .5lbs/week. Sure, it might be 2lbs one week and nothing the next, but overall I'm losing within the healthy range. I may not get to my goal tomorrow, or even next week, but I'm moving in the right direction, and I'll get there someday.

That's something to be proud of.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

vacation is sexy, part 2b. london, in (far fewer) pictures.

fish and chips #1. Standing in line for entry coffee (aka coffee #1 of borough trip)

my favorite pesto! too bad my favorite stall employee, Josie, wasn't there. She's traveling around Africa. Rough life.

little cup of heaven

food board for the best sandwiches ever. I go with the spiced lamb every single time. I dreamt about this sandwich for months. Literally.


lamb's close-up.

homemade sauces for the sandwiches. From left: harissa, salsa  verde, sweet chilli, and lemon garlic aioli. For the lamb we recommend the harissa and the salsa verde, if you like a kick (can you tell I eat here all the time?)
it may not look like much, but seriously. Go get yourself one of these.
Chillin' in the church garden behind the market, enjoying my sandwich. A common ritual at Borough.

walk *this* way.
tower o' carbs!

fruit and veg!

Brindisa, the Spanish market, aka where I get my fix of murcia al vino (drunken goat's cheese)
Did someone say "queso"?

spoils from the market.

view from the top.
skyping with your father always makes for a fun afternoon.

stopping to smell the fun-looking flowers in Oxford.

me and new mommy Lilach! I know, she totally doesn't look like she had a baby two months ago. Not fair.
Hampstead Heath

precious baby Ofek

me and Britt in Oxford!

I miss it already.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

asian-style spicy tuna salad

I will (almost) always be able to talk myself out of buying a new pair of shoes, or pants, or a shirt. When I buy clothes, it's mostly from Target.

I won't think twice about turning down plans to go out because I'm trying to save money.

I hand-washed my clothes in London for 3 months before breaking down and using the laundromat. Not easy, or smart.

After I've talked myself out of buying new clothes, I'll probably blow all that money at a new restaurant that I've just been dying to try. Or at the grocery store. I'm equal-opportunity like that.

At the store, I will spend $5 on a 4oz piece of fish because the mood strikes and I have a recipe building in my head that I simply must try now. Hesitation is fleeting. Pinterest boards and salivary glands dictate my actions. I can't help it.

Last night, I went to Whole Foods for a whole fish to make for dinner. At the counter, I noticed the beautiful pieces of fresh tuna sitting there, begging to be purchased and turned into something delectable. Something grilled, mixed with fresh flavors, maybe with a kick? Definitely with a kick. I've been itching to find ways to use sriracha more in my cooking, and this was the perfect opportunity.

I apologize profoundly for not having pictures, the lighting last night was, well, dark, it being night and all. Also, the food was just too delicious to spend time taking pictures. I promise though, I will absolutely be making this again, and probably soon. I'll take pictures then and inundate you with them.

If you trust me (and really, you should), here's what I did (measurements, with the exception of the tuna, are approximate):

Spicy Asian-style tuna salad - 4PP
4oz fresh tuna steak
2t mayonnaise (I used regular because it's what we have, but you could certainly lighten it up)
1/4t freshly grated ginger
1T chopped fresh cilantro
1T sriracha
juice from half a lime
2T minced red onion

Cook the tuna until well-done, about 6-7 minutes. If you get sushi grade, it really won't matter if it's undercooked (it's usually meant to be served seared), but for tuna salad purposes I cooked mine well done. Once it's done, chop up into small pieces so it resembles what you'd get out of a can. In a small bowl, combine all the other ingredients and mix well. Throw tuna in and mix. It might behoove you to start with less sriracha and add it in last, so you can taste as you go. I like things spicy! You may not.

I served the tuna salad with a few slices of avocado on whole wheat bread, bringing the total of my sandwich to 10PP. It was kind of like eating a spicy tuna roll sandwich! I loved the red onion for crunch, but I really don't enjoy celery. If you like celery, you could probably use that instead (or in addition, to bulk it up a bit). 

I really, really did not want this sandwich to end.

vacation is sexy, part 2a. vienna, in pictures.

The perfect travel partners: iPad, chocolate and water.

The 5yr old in me made me do it
My first (and only) schnitzel experience. It's like a crispy chicken sandwich, but without the lettuce and tomato.
Down the hill from the hostel, about a 20 minute walk, is where the architecture picks up in beauty.

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture across the street from a statue when said street is a major road and you don't want any cars in the picture? Really hard.

Gardens at the Palace (aka the place where I needed to sit and rest my feet because I had been walking for hours in really cute sandals with absolutely no support. Sneakers be damned!)

The museum I spent hours on my poor feet looking for, which ended up not being what I was actually looking for in the first place. Did you know that Judenplatz (location of Holocaust memorial) and Judisches Museum are two completely different places? I had no idea. That's what I get for not stopping to ask for directions.

Lippizaner Stallions!

Apparently in German, "latte" translates to "shot of espresso with cream on the side"
One of the best croissants (and fried eggs, though you can't see those) ever. Seriously. Also, note the super awesome camera skills! Perspective makes me happy. This is an open house-type structure in the Museum Quarter with a whole bunch of hammocks open to the public. Pretty sure over half of the pictures I took in Vienna took place here.

I know what "schmuck" means in Yiddish, and Yiddish is part German. Does this really mean what I think it does?
Holocaust memorial. Powerful stuff.
Imagine this picture isn't sideways, because I'm too lazy to rotate it. Street noodles = delish.
Spaetzel! This, I get excited for. We had savory with cheese and onion, and sweet with cinnamon sugar and strawberry.
Fried donut things.