Sunday, April 24, 2011

i'm going to pretend like i haven't been gone for weeks or months or something, and just post like normal.

Happy Easter, peoples! 

In the holiday spirit as a good jew as pure coincidence would have it, I bought a pastel aqua-colored dress last week, and will be wearing it today in celebration of Easter. Because Easter is all about pastel colors, right? Regardless, I'm in love.

Please excuse the mess. I've been working super extra hours lately and the last thing I want to do when I come home is fold laundry. So, it lives in a pile on my bed until either a) I decide to wear the items or b) I feel so inclined, whichever comes first (frequently choice a). I find myself in a sort of predicament where I love doing laundry and having clean laundry, but I'm not the biggest fan of folding it. I wish clothing would just fold itself. For serious.

Also, in like 30 seconds flat we've gone from perfect running weather to slightly too warm to run at the times I want to (aka after 6am). Yesterday was beautiful. Today is too hot. Seriously, Mother Nature? You couldn't give me one day? We're totally in a fight right now. I am excited about the warm weather, however, because it typically means I'm more excited to eat healthy foods. Fruit, salads, all that jazz. It's just easier when the weather is nice. I'm trading in my pizzas (well, maybe not) and pastas for a nice caprese salad as my lunch of choice at the restaurant! I thought this day would never come. And it's a good thing it's here, because I was definitely riding the struggle bus.

I have no clever way to end this post.