Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what happens when you have a gift card to whole foods?

Steak dinner. More specifically, bone-in rib-eye served alongside broccoli and shredded carrots roasted with a ginger sriracha dressing. Nom.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

not a bad thing to come home to.

After a few days of intense travel, it's really nice to come home to a fully furnished living room.

It's even nicer when you can enjoy the new furniture by staring at the pretty flowers your boyfriend bought.

Friday, November 11, 2011

mid-month thanks.

As I sit here wallowing in self pity over my slightly higher number on the scale this morning (yes, again. WTF), I come across countless posts in my Reader about what others are thankful for. It is, after all, the month of Thanksgiving (which you know unless you've been living under a rock), so it seems appropriate. So, I've decided to stop being a whiny brat and list the things I'm thankful for. I may not be at goal quite yet, and my hair looks something awful today, but that doesn't mean my life is over. So here are a few things I'm thankful for:

1. My parents. I moved out 3 weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure we're both pretending like it was some awesome decision while (not-so) secretly wishing we still saw each other every day and possibly still lived under one roof. My dad might try to deny this, but trust me - that email from him after not speaking for roughly 36 hours that says 'you never call anymore' would beg to differ. They've been so wonderful this past year (and really the past 26) while I've gotten back on my feet and into the adult world.

2. My boyfriend, who I yelled at this morning for not doing dishes even though there wasn't really time last night, thus projecting my frustrations about my weigh in onto the poor soul. I'm amazed he still loves me, but I'm oh-so-grateful.

3. My health. I know it may not be perfect, but all things considered it's pretty damn good. Sure I may be overweight, but I have normal blood pressure and cholesterol, no diseases or disorders (unless you count my compulsive need to have a dust-free screen on the radio in my car), and I rarely ever get sick. That's nothing to sneeze at (har har).

4. My LTE ladies. We're about to celebrate our two year (!!!) anniversary of the day we all came together as the most awesomely rad support system in the history of the WW message boards. I've met a few of these ladies in real life, and I have to say they're even cooler in person! It's so, so valuable having a support system of people who are going through/have been through the same struggles you're facing. It's equally valuable being able to help people who are where you were at one point, and helping them through based on your past experiences. 

5. My brother. He loves me so much he moved into an apartment in the same complex as me! Now I can continue to get my fix of talking for hours on end about the restaurant world. 

6. The doggies. For making me feel so happy and loves when I'm having even the crappiest of days. They're just bundles of love and fluff!

7. My travel opportunities. I feel like these (especially my year in London) have shaped my life in such a big way. I'm so thankful I've had the chances I have to travel all over the States and Europe (and a little Latin America), and been able to experience so many different cultures. 

8. My childhood. Ok, so maybe this could be lumped in with family, but whatever. My blog! I think how you grow up/are raised has a huge effect on who you turn out to be as an adult. I think my childhood has helped me become someone who appreciates the things they have, who spends (relatively) frugally even if there's money on the table, who has a very comfortable, relaxed relationship with their family but still has respect for them, and puts a high value on sticking to commitments (as much as I hated that one as a kid).

9. My job. Not something to be taken for granted.

10. My readers! Thanks for listening to my ramblings for the past year+ (wow, I'm old). You keep me from  having to talk to myself, and I'm ever so grateful for that.