Wednesday, June 16, 2010

who am i?

<---- that's me. Just in case you care. I wanted to find some crazy picture that really depicts how awesome and fabulous and fun I am, but I settled on one that's actually pretty. Or at least I think so. You do too, right? Right? That's what I thought. So maybe I should start off with a little bit about me. Ya know, create a connection with my readers, or whatever. I'm in London right now for grad school. I've been here since last October and will be here until this October. I absolutely love it here, and if I had no attachments at home I would totally stay. But I kind of love my family, and my friends, and my boyfriend, and that's enough to love home more than London. I love food. I love talking about it, cooking it, and eating it. I'll pretty much eat anything except for peas. I can't stand peas. You may be thinking "you're crazy! They're not so bad." No, they really are. I have to pick them out of my food if they're in there to begin with. As I am a self-proclaimed foodie, I'm sure most of my posts will include food in some way, shape or form. Don't worry, I'll include pictures so you're not bored to death. I love music. I think it makes the world go 'round. My dad once asked me if my headphones were surgically attached to my ears. I grew up playing in the band and orchestra in school, so I have a soft spot for orchestral music. It makes me happy, no matter what's going on in my day. Sometimes I conduct the music I'm listening to. People I pass on the street must think I'm crazy, but I love it. I am also that person who has to sing along with every song on the radio, because not only do I love to sing, but I have quite the knack for memorizing things. As a kid I would impress people by reciting phone numbers. I could also tell who you were calling by listening to the tone of each number you pressed on the phone. But I digress...

If I could combine food and music into a career, I would be in heaven. We'll see how that one goes...

I'm currently following the WeightWatchers program online, so expect posts about health and weight loss and all that good stuff. I'll try and post points values for any recipes I make as well, just in case any of my boardie buddies are reading, and feel compelled to try out one of my "recipes" (I use this term loosely because I measure loosely. It's just a hassle).

I get sidetracked easily. Like this post - it's taking me an inordinately long time to write because I keep getting lost in my thoughts. I can't promise any regularity in posting for this reason. But I'll do my best.
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  1. Learn to play the cheese grater, and to heaven you will go!