Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i'm alive, i swear! v3.0

I could tell you I've been busy, but that's only a partial truth. Somehow I manage to fill my time with mostly unproductive activities and I'm surprised at the end of almost every day thinking 'where has the day gone? Crap'. I haven't even uploaded pictures from the past few weeks onto my computer. Actually, I'm doing that right now. Because at this point, I'm not even sure what I have on my camera.

Want the skinny on my life? I'm working here and there at the restaurant. I'm job searching. I'm attempting to consistently run, which has proven a slight fail over the last few weeks (because I'm just so busy), but I really need to improve on that because this habit of not running and then running for a week before a race is going to get pretty old, pretty fast. I'm making a mess in my room like a college student, and sometimes cleaning it up. Yeah, my life is just that interesting.

And now for something completely different!

my fab parentals at their anniversary dinner at Volt a few weeks back
the other side of the table - me and my brother, and our complimentary muffins!

These pictures may or may not serve as a precursor for pictures to come this weekend. Thanksgiving tomorrow is at our house, and we'll have 29 people in attendance! My dad has been planning the menu for 3 weeks. We have family emails on almost a daily basis about it. I kid you not, people. His entire family will be in town, and I'm super stoked. In fact, instead of blogging I should really be getting ready for cooking palooza. We have to go out for our Starbucks first, though! I'm sure he'll come upstairs any minute and ask why I'm not ready. Maybe if I tell him I'm talking about him he won't mind so much? We'll see.

I'll try and remember to take pics of the copious amounts of food we will inevitably have tomorrow. I may not be able to restrain myself from eating it too fast, though. Just sayin'.

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