Friday, June 17, 2011

oh hai there, is this where i board the strugglebus?

Major life changes are, well, major. (Wow, that was profound)

I don't know how you deal with them, but it takes me a little while to adjust. Something inevitably suffers,whether it be sleep, social life, eating habits, it's always something. 

This week, I started a new job *throws confetti*. I'm superly grateful for the last few years at the restaurant, but it was time for change. Well, this is definitely different. Not only do I sit in an office all day, but the hours are different. Who knew normal business hours were Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm? I was definitely under the impression that they were Sunday through Saturday, 10am to 10pm. You learn something new every day. At the moment, I'm in the process of transitioning from one job to the other. I'm mostly at the new place, but still at the restaurant for a day here and there helping out, to get through the bulk of the manager vacations. The plus side? More money for Europe (did I mention I'm going to Europe?). The downside? Remember all those factors that inevitably suffer when you go through a major life change? Yeah. 

Coffee is my best friend right now. I turned off my alarm this morning accidentally instead of snoozing, which has only happened like, 3 times. Ever. Thank you, LivingSocial deal, for arriving in my inbox at 8:15 this morning and waking me up with the vibration of my phone. I'm lucky I'm a light sleeper. Sleep is definitely bearing the brunt of this, which makes me sad. I think my last day off was like 10 days ago, and I'm pretty sure my next one is in 10 more. If you see me and I look like a zombie, it's probably because I am. But not a real zombie. So please don't shoot me or put a stake through my heart (though a steak would be nice) or anything. I promise, I'll be back to normal in a few days. If there were a test to prove I'm not a real zombie, I would totally take it. 

The good news? I have my newly-painted highlighter pink nails to keep me company. Oh yeah. Also, my family's getting a puppy (!!!!!!!!!!!! x infinity) in 6 days. Stay tuned for a bajillion cute overload pictures to keep you company since, ya know, you (probably) don't have awesome highlighter pink nails. Sorry, not everyone can be as cool as me.

In terms of eating habits, this has actually been a really great change for me. I got way too excited about being able to pack a lunch the night before I started. Like, really excited. It's the little things, right? Anyway, it makes life a lot easier when I'm not around the delicious aroma of pizza and garlic bread all day. I may love the food, but it certainly does not love me back. Or maybe it does, and that's why it sticks around for so long on my midsection. I guess this is an unhealthy relationship either way. I want a divorce.

And now, I'll leave you with some puppy love...

One of these little guys will be joining our household. Don't you just want to squeeeeeee for a week?


  1. Aren't they cute?? I love that in the first picture he looks like he's smiling. Dogs totally smile!

    I'll be sure to post lots and lots of pictures this weekend once we have him :)