Friday, June 18, 2010

two things

Happy Friday!

First, I was down 2lbs at WI this morning. *hears crowd cheering and clapping* I'm so stinkin' close to the next decade, I was actually disappointed when I first looked at the scale. Now, I'm over it. Next week I won't just dip a toe into the 180's, I'll do like, a super long jump. Just you wait. It's going to be fantastic.

Second, I keep meaning to take pictures as I make my breakfast. My breakfast is awesome. If Wheaties hadn't stolen "breakfast of champions" I would totally use that to describe my breakfast. The problem is, my breakfast is so awesome that I get so excited and eat it before I remember I was going to take pictures to post. *sigh* Next time. Maybe today I'll tell you all about my lunch instead. Because really, whatever I make is the [insert meal here] of champions.

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