Thursday, July 8, 2010

it's almost like iI'm moving or something

My flat hasn't looked this clean since I moved in. And even then, it's probably cleaner than it was the day I moved in. This is quite a feat, considering I hate cleaning. Not all the time, but probably about 98% of the time.

That 2% is comprised of those rare occasions where I start organizing say, my sock drawer, and end up going super massively compulsive and clean my entire room/apt/whatever I'm living in at the time. This typically involves taking clothing out drawer by drawer, unfolding, refolding and returning to each drawer. Then I go around collecting pieces of random paper that I can finally part with after years of not paying attention to (even though at some point, for some reason, I decided I just had to keep that piece of paper). Then I stack things neatly, and dust the remaining free space. Once I'm done, it looks like I've been a neat person the whole time. Generally this lasts a couple days, or until I have another useless piece of paper that I can't part with just yet. This time around, I'm going for a record of 6 weeks!

I guess I'm kind of cheating, since I won't actually be here. Whatever, it's my game so I get to make the rules.

t-24h to flight time!

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  1. I need to clean/organize so badly! That is my goal for this month. Get my apartment looking spiffy again.