Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just like riding a bicycle...

Yesterday was my first day back at work. It's almost as if I never left, except for a few small changes. Changes like our closing time a couple days out of the week, which may seem minor when the day that changed is Thursday and yesterday was Tuesday, except that when a customer asks what time we close and I give the wrong time I look like an idiot. Changes like the type of plate we use for our calzones, which should be a non-issue since I'm a manager and technically don't have to stock anything, but becomes an issue when I tell people they need to keep up with their sidework, go grab plates myself, and am subsequently told by the pizza cook that no, we don't use those plates anymore. Crap. I'm awesome.

I also noticed how easily I started to slip back into my old eating habits. Remember those habits? The ones that caused me to gain roughly 30lbs in about 6 months? Crostini and croutons have points, people! You can't just snack on them all day and expect to get away with it. Sheesh. But just look at this menu. Who wouldn't gain a bunch of weight working here? The food is just so delicious. nom nom nom.

Yesterday I made myself a small bowl of grapes ("made" is a relative term. It's not like you have to cook grapes), and whenever I felt like eating croutons I had a few grapes. Worked pretty well! I did have some soup, but it's a bean soup and really point-friendly. Yes, I had pizza (*gasp*) yesterday for lunch, but today I had a veggie wrap! Yes, I had it with a side caesar salad, but I put the dressing on the side! It's amazing how little dressing you need when you control how much goes onto your salad. Notice how I said need, not want. I could totally eat like, 5x as much caesar dressing as they give me. I love the stuff. But it's about portion control, right? Who really needs a whole cup of dressing for like, 3 bites of salad? (I kid, I kid.)

Anyway, this time around it'll be different! I can totally control what I eat.

I think I can.
I think I can.
I think I can.

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