Monday, August 23, 2010

45 days

45 friggin' days until I leave London. What?

You know that saying "time flies when you're having fun"? Horribly cliche, but also horribly true.

I'm really excited to go home, but I've also come to the realization that I've done way less than I should have in terms of taking advantage of the wonderful city I've been living in for the past (almost) year. So I've decided to make a list. Well, I talked about making a list but thanks to the fabulous Shanti, I've actually made the list. And, at her request, I'm going to (try to remember to) take a picture while accomplishing each thing on my list. I'll keep y'all updated here with each item!

So here's the preliminary, rough list (it may change as I think of more things):

1. 3 West End shows
2. 1 Southbank Center performance
3. 2 Day trips
4. Brixton Market
5. Golder's Green
6. 4 Museums

I feel like this should be accomplishable (definitely not a word) in a month and a half...

Tomorrow I'm ticking one museum off the list, the V&A. They've got a few really interesting looking architecture exhibits, and an exhibit on Grace Kelly and her fashion idol-ness (also, not a word). It features 50 of her outfits! I'm pretty excited. Not sure what my picture will be, but I'll be sure to take at least one!

So, that's it for now. I'm tired.

PS I had a successful SFT day today! Care to know what I ate? Even if you don't, I'm going to tell you! Because this is my blog. Not yours.

ciabatta topped with spinach, avocado and drunken goat's cheese (all baked to melty crispy goodness), topped with a fried egg. Nom! Oh and a cup of Innocent smoothie. Double nom!

quinoa with mixed veggies and some grilled chicken (picked up from school)

another cup of Innocent smoothie (gotta get them while I still can! These babies aren't available in the US.......yet...)

mixed veggies in Thai curry sauce over brown rice.



  1. ((Innocent))

    I tried to make it to V&A, but ended up spending the whole afternoon wandering around Harrods. Next time!!

  2. ((Harrods)) I totally got roped into (read: I felt bad because the lady was nice) buying a bunch of Aveda stuff there. As if it's not expensive enough in the States, I had to go and buy it on the £! *facepalm*