Friday, August 20, 2010

things i've learned

Ok so I'm "packing" right now, aka doing everything but. In my defense though, I'm almost done! Pretty impressive, considering I'm like, a master procrastinator. I'm not just good at it, I'm friggin' awesome at it. If procrastination was an olympic sport, I would totally have the gold medal.


I'm leaving for London today. HOLY CRAP. 6 weeks has gone by already? Yep.

I'd say overall this trip was a success. I wouldn't necessarily call it a vacation, though. But wait, aren't trip and vacation the same thing? No, no they're not. At least not in my family. We like to distinguish between the two. A vacation is relaxing, no schedule, do what you want, yadda yadda yadda. A trip is a removal from your usual place/town/whatever of residence, but it isn't generally relaxing or full of lots of down time. I have been super duper amazingly busy these past 6 weeks! Not that it's a bad thing; I've loved every minute of my crazy packed schedule. Well, maybe not every minute. But most of them. I've definitely loved every day. I got to see lots of wonderful friends and family, I worked and saved some money (probably to be spent in London. Shopping, anyone? Just kidding dad...)

Update: I procrastinated. Shocker. I'm now in London. And now back to our regular scheduled programming...

So. I was going somewhere with this post title. I learned a few things while home.

1. I learned that it's way easier to follow an eating plan when you're cooking for yourself all the time. Adding uncertainty and delicious pizza definitely doesn't help. Especially when you have little to no willpower since you were deprived of said delicious pizza for 9 months.

2. Eating this food in moderation actually works. It satisfies cravings without overloading my body and causing successive massive gains. It's amazing what proper portion control can do.

3. I learned that I'm not always going to have the kind of free time and/or weather that I have in London, and exercise needs to be a priority. I really should schedule it in now, even when I don't have much of a schedule.

4. Getting to/from the airport with multiple bags is a pain. Getting to/from the airport with multiple bags when your tube stop only has stairs, and no elevator/escalator? That's like, a million times worse. No lie.

5. I really love living where I do at home. Being away for so long (have I mentioned this already? Whatever) has made me realize that I really want to stay in the same area that I grew up in. It's just...home. Other cities are awesome, but they're not home.

My brain hurts. I'm going to Borough.

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