Friday, August 27, 2010


Check another item off my list! That's right folks, I've been busy, having fun!

Actually, it wasn't planned.

Which really, is the best kind of fun!

Ok, maybe part of it was planned.

But still, it was a great time!

Want to hear about it? Ok ok I'll tell you!

So I met up with Lauren today to go shopping. We really love shopping, but try not to shop too much because well, it's London. And not only are we spending lots of $$$, but we're spending £££! Which is more than $$$. But today, we actually had a reason (excuse?), so we trekked over to Oxford St to do a little damage.

Let me tell you something about Oxford St. It's friggin' crowded as heck. I believe I read somewhere it's one of the most (the most?) crowded shopping areas like, ever. Or maybe in Europe. Or in the UK. Clearly I need to recheck my facts. Anyway, it's super busy! Think Black Friday shopping crowds all year long. Yeah. Way fun. Unfortunately, it also has the greatest concentration of fabulous stores. Which I guess is why it's so stinkin' crowded.

So. Lauren needed a birthday present, and I needed shoes. Shoes to go with the pants I bought earlier in the week, which are too long. Unfortunately I bought a pair of shoes that would have been perfect for this purpose (and were in fact bought for this purpose) and left them at home. So of course I needed another pair. Darn. In case you were wondering, I was successful! I bought these.

After the shopping we randomly decided it would be fun to go to a show! This is why I love London. We walked down to Piccadilly and started perusing the streets for shows we might want to see. We came across Hair, and were pretty much sold! So we bought some tickets. No big. While waiting, we went for dinner at a Korean bbq place we had passed on our way there. Neither of us have had Korean before, so we decided to give it a whirl. It was so delicious! We definitely want to go back.

Anyhoo. The point of this post is that I checked another thing off my list! I've seen 1 show now (and have another one coming up on Tuesday!). Yay!

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post. I promise I took some, but my computer's being funky and won't read my camera card so maybe I'll post some pictures randomly with no post or captions or anything because I know you really want to see pictures of the food we ate tonight. Because I already showed you the shoes.

Anyhoo, It's like, 1am. Shouldn't I be sleeping?

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