Monday, August 30, 2010

the weekend in pictures

A lot happened this weekend. It was a good weekend. Instead of describing it in painstaking detail like I typically do, I decided to give you guys a break and just show you in pictures. With a few captions. Because I love to talk. Let's get started before I give it all away and make the pictures less fun!

Friday, as you know, Lauren and I had our afternoon of fun, which involved Korean BBQ:

On top we have appetizers and side dishes. Kimchi, bean sprouts, miso soup and a veggie/seafood pancake. On the right is the glorious bbq. Shrimp, pork belly, spare ribs and mushrooms. There was also a scallion dish which was super yum. I loved this food so much, we're going there on Wednesday again for my BIRTHDAY! Going to a restaurant twice in one week hasn't been seen since.......a few weeks ago when I went to Mussel Bar twice in one week. Now I'm drooling over the thought of vanilla sweet potato fries....*sigh*

<----Elisa, me and Lauren at my happy place, Borough market, for Elisa's birthday! I can't tell you how friggin' thrilled I was when I was told all Elisa wanted to do for her birthday was go to Borough. We spent a lovely 3 hours there. I should be a tour guide for that place. For serious. Elisa wanted to wear the hula skirt for her birthday. So she did. Love this girl.

best.sandwich.ever. They asked what we should eat, what my favorite thing was, and I answered immediately with the mouthwatering lamb kofte sandwich from the little grill place at the back of the market. They have a few other grill choices, but this is the third time I've had this sandwich, it's so good. I haven't repeated any other food at Borough (save the chorizo sandwich which I've had twice). Not that all the food isn't spectacular, but I like to try new things. This thing is pure heaven. Especially with the homemade sauces - harissa, salsa verde and aioli. What more could a girl want?

Unfortunately I have no pictures from Saturday night's spectacle of a meal. But here's the skinny: breads from Whole Foods, meats and cheeses from the Italian stall at Borough, homemade Spanish tortilla and bruschetta made lovingly by Elisa. Quite a fabulous spread, if I do say so myself. We were definitely fat and happy by the end of Saturday, to say the least.

Sunday was boring. It was perfect. We stayed in all day. (Did I mention I lived at Lauren's the entire weekend? I'm allowed to speak of the house as "mine". Even if I'm not, I do it anyway. People definitely think I live there. I help play host when people come over. They're confused when I talk about leaving...)

Finally, Notting Hill Carnival. Definitely an experience worth having once in your life. Crowded, colorful, festive, and slightly (read: unbelievably) dirty. It's like they removed all of the bins in Notting Hill. Seriously. Regardless, it was a good time! We went today (Monday) because there was the main parade to watch. So many colors! I have a bunch more pictures but I thought just a couple would be good for now. This bad boy is 20 miles of closed off streets in the outskirts of London's city centre, and let me tell you, it is packed. In some places it was difficult to breathe, let alone walk. The music was so loud, and the base so strong, I could feel my insides shaking with the beat. Good day. Glad it's over.

And now, some quiet time.


  1. How did I not know about this here blog?!?! You look too cute!!! Korean BBQ is AMAZING!!! Looks like you are having a great time over the pond! Your friends look super fun too! Any chick who wants to sport a hula skirt on her bday is ok in my book!

  2. Haha she is pretty fun! She wore that hula skirt all day and danced for us in the tube - pretty hilarious! My friends are awesome - they definitely up my cool factor x100!