Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my first blog award!

Look mom, my very first blog award! I feel so loved. Really! Thanks to dear friend Bebe for totally making my day! So the rules are once you're tagged, list 10 things you like, and tag 10 bloggers who deserve this award! How fun is that?

So here goes...10 things I like:

1. Potatoes. Seriously, best food ever (and it wouldn't be my list if I didn't start with food, right?).
2. The smell in the air before it snows.
3. The way new clothes feel. Seriously, sometimes I wear them out of the store.
4. Family dinner. Not just for the food, but the general hilarity that comes with it.
5. Being around friends and family.
6. Weekend sleepovers at Lauren's.
7. Singing along really loudly with my music.
8. The way I feel after a really good workout.
9. Cooking for people and knowing they enjoy what I've made them! I feel so accomplished and loved.
10. Grocery shopping. It's one of my happy times.

And now, 10 bloggers who make me happy!

1. Jen at Woman vs Food - From Korea to India to England and now the US (and back to England again eventually!), great recipes and stories!
2. Kristen at Conversations with My Inner Skinny Chick - another fabulous WWer now in the UK!
3. Jillian at Jewelry by Jillian - she makes fabulous jewelry!
4. Jess at Jessica's Jaunt - absolutely hilarious, and prepping for her first marathon! So excited for her!
5. Julia at Keeping Up With Goliath - funny, inspirational stories about running and life!
6. Meagan at Meagan Likes It - can't wait to see what she has in store for us now that she's married!
7. Kate at The Bumblings of KT Bee - the only Irish dancer I know - that makes her awesomesauce!
8. Lisa Marie at The Broad Broad's Expedition to Weight Loss - humor, truth and inspiration. Love it!
9. Rachel at Fit, Fun and Fabulous - fun recipes and constant motivator to just get out there and exercise!
10. Megan at The Shenanigans of Megan and the Liz's - hilarious daily recaps of, well, shenanigans! With lots of pictures of fro-yo. I love fro-yo!

So there you have it! Everyone should follow these ladies. Because they're awesome! ♥


  1. I already won this award turd! :P Thanks for giving it to me dos!

    P.S. My mom used to allow me to sleep in new shoes. I too will walk out of a store wearing something I just bought... I cant help it.

  2. My friend used to get irritated with me because whenever we went to the mall I would go into the bathroom and change into one of my new items before we left! I don't do it anymore...as much...

    I know you already won it, but you're just that special ;) lol