Thursday, September 16, 2010

lesson learned.

Yesterday was less than perfect. It started out well enough, but kind of went downhill. No, nothing's seriously wrong, but I just didn't plan the way I should have. In my efforts to be super OP, I may have starved myself a little unintentionally.

See what had happened was, I went for a run in the morning. Yay me! It felt so stinkin' good to get back out there. This was only the third time I've gone running since being back (please, put away your stones! Pretty please?), and the first time I went out for 5k (my happy distance) since the Beach House. I tried all afternoon to get that snapshot thing of my run like all the other cool Nike+ users out there, but I was having a bit of trouble...finally, I think I got it! Let's see...

HA! Genius. I always thought it was so cool that people could do this, and now I can do this. I think I may start posting these run recaps on here to hold me accountable. I also have no idea why the distance is all wonky (wonky = possibly my new favorite word). See how it's all upside-down? odd. Oh well. You can deal, since it displays all the stats at the bottom.

Right. I was in the middle of something. Why my day wasn't super fabulous like it should have been.

So as I generally do when I go to uni to work, I packed some food. I was all excited for my couscous with veggies and my orange! But I got really hungry before dinner because I never really ate my lunch because I ate my pre-workout snack and then when I got back from my run it was noon which is lunch time but I hadn't eaten breakfast so I ate my breakfast and then brought my lunch - the couscous - with me for dinner but my breakfast wasn't a good lunch so I got hungry. Then I had a piece of cake. Totally not worth it. By the time I got home last night it was 9pm and I was lazy and really didn't feel like cooking. So I had a big mug of this delicious smoothie drink I buy over here, which I thought was enough. I was full. For the time being...


At about 3am, after trying to sleep for a good 4hrs but not succeeding because I was too hungry, I realized that smoothie =/= acceptable dinner. So what did I do? I had more smoothie. But this time it wasn't because I was lazy, it was because it was 3am and who needs to be eating real food at 3am? I finally fell asleep at 4. And woke up at 8. Which I think accounts for the general lack of punctuation in this post. I make no apologies (because I'm stubborn like that).

So why is today better? I learned my lesson. I ate a nice filling breakfast this morning, and I packed lunch and two snacks! I've got the same veggies I made yesterday but this time I'm having quinoa instead of couscous, which is way more filling. I have some hummus and bread, and an orange.

I'm prepared, yo.

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  1. Congrats on the run :) .... and congrats on packing your food for today :)