Thursday, September 9, 2010

silver lining

So you know how you see things in movies all the time or maybe even hear about them in real life (but usually it's in the movies) and think to yourself "oh man, that sucks! But that would never happen to me" and you laugh at the TV screen (slash person telling the story) because hey, it's happening to someone else.

Today, I was the person on the TV screen.

The story:

I went for a run this morning to the post office for stamps. I've decided that if I need to run an errand that doesn't involve carrying lots of stuff back with me (aka grocery shopping), I'm literally going to run the errand! So today I ran to the post office. Anyway. After the post office I needed to go grocery shopping, so I came back after the post office and then set out with my reusable bags. I contemplated showering in between, but decided not to since I was going for a walk and it was actually kind of warm outside (ok like upper 60's). While I was at the store, it rained. It looked like it was going to rain when I left, but I went anyway because I want my brisket! And I needed tin foil to make this dream come to fruition. But that's another story. You're probably pretty confused by now, what with me telling you about my hygiene and talking about brisket with no prior information. Or, more likely, you're just ready for me to finish this story. I'm almost done, I promise.

So it had stopped raining by the time I left Tesco, which is good for someone who just bought like, 500lbs of groceries. Or like 25. Same difference. Anyway. I was walking back, feeling happy because the rain was nice enough to stop before my walk home, when SPLASH! A car driving in the left lane went through a massive puddle and completely showered me and my groceries. I think I would have preferred walking in the rain. That way at least I knew what I was in for, ya know? It was totally like you see on TV - the water came out of nowhere and when it hit me I stopped, threw my arms out and gasped in shock. Cold, dirty water-induced shock. Ew.

So why are you telling us this, and what the heck does it have to do with silver linings?

I've been making the effort lately to see the silver lining in every situation. It kind of helps, looking for the positive in a generally negative situation. Makes it more bearable. Anyway. The silver lining in this situation? I was still in my running clothes (except for my sneakers, thank goodness. I changed into flip flops. I would have cried if my sneakers got soaked because I'm the kind of person who just loves wearing new-looking sneakers) and hadn't showered yet. So I was already hurtin' for a shower, and I wasn't wearing clothing that could have been ruined.

So yeah. Silver linings are cool. People think I'm weird sometimes for bringing them up, like how can you possibly be seeing a positive side to this story? You're just trying to make me feel better. But you know what? It usually works. So take that. I win!

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