Thursday, September 2, 2010

birthday review

So, I'm 25. Yikes.

As the girl celebrating her 25th in the restaurant where Carrie was waiting for her friends who didn't show up for her birthday dinner for various reasons and she got really upset, said, F*** I'm old!

So after I was really lazy and did nothing for the first half of my day (perfection), I went up to school to meet with some fabulous ladies...We had a tiny photo shoot! Because they're fun. Here's just one of the pictures (the only one with all 3 of us. It's hard to take a picture yourself so that everyone's in the shot!)

After this, Lauren and I went for coffee because I desperately wanted some and we were both kind of hungry except that she didn't end up eating anything, saying something about not wanting to lose her appetite? Whatever. I had hummus and it was deeeeeelicious. The reasoning for her avoidance of food pre-dinner will become apparent in later pictures. Be patient!
Lauren and I met up with Elisa for dinner and headed over to the restaurant. On our way, we passed a bar/grill/whatever that had a deal we couldn't resist - 50% off everything until 7! But wait, our reservations were for 6:30, and it was....6:30. We pushed dinner back and went for some champagne. Because it was my birthday! And birthdays call for champagne.

That's me and Elisa, cheesin' for the camera (or really me cheesin' and Elisa doing something else. After drinks we went to the Korean BBQ place (remember that place? I just talked about it like, yesterday). nom nom nom! The food was terrific just like last time, and we really enjoyed ourselves. We even made friends with a couple who was waiting for a table. Yay social (that's for you, Jamie)! The best part of the night was when the staff brought over boxes from Hummingbird bakery, which has some amazing stuff! We've baked cakes (well multiple of the same cake) out of their cookbook before. Not only was there cake, but there was a card. And guess who the card was from? My parents. They love me. They ordered a cake allllllll the way from home (well, the bakery's in London. Duh) and coordinated with Lauren to get the cake to our dinner!
^^^me 'n my spoils
So I had a deeeeeeelicious cheesecake for dessert (there were cupcakes too, in case someone didn't want cheesecake) ((see why Lauren didn't want to eat the hummus now?)), and Lauren and Elisa got me the bakery cookbook! So now I can make the deeeeeeeelicious cheesecake for y'all. And the chocolate cake. And all the cupcakes that I have yet to try. Drool.

I feel loved.


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing birthday!!!


    BTW - I added you to my blogroll darling!

  2. Heeeyyyy Jillibling! Thanks for adding me! I'm going to add you too :)