Thursday, October 7, 2010

ok, i get it, i'm lame.

My internet has seriously supersucked this week, so I've been using that as my excuse not to blog. I've had to restart it every few minutes and it makes me just want to throw my computer. Even though my computer's not at fault. Sorry, computer.

This week has been a mix of events and emotions. As I draw nearer to leaving London, and get more excited about being home again, I become less enthusiastic about getting out there and doing things in the city. Granted, I've done more in these last 7 weeks than I did like, the whole other 10 months, but that's beside the point. I still feel bad for being lazy but not bad enough to rectify the situation. Like today, for instance. It's my last full day here, and all I want to do is pack my bags (even though they're already packed) and make sure I have everything. And eat. Eating is pretty important. This may have something to do with the fact that I packed all of my clothes, except my outfit for tomorrow. I'm just that excited.

Anyhoo, this week has been good, overall! The weather shaped up for me a bit, and we've had a nice few days. I even went for another long run! This time though I mapped it out ahead of time, which was genius. Turns out, I'm only 1km from the water. Wait. You've lived here for a year and didn't know that? No. Apparently I'm just slow. So I walked down to the river, then ran along the same path I used last time, then walked back up! Grand total = 8.5k (just over 5mi). Woo! I may go back out this afternoon if I can get myself moving.

Review of Legally Blonde, the musical: We went to see the show on Tuesday down at the Savoy Theatre, which is on the Strand, where I've never been. It's a nice area! Gives you more of that city feel without all the tourists. In other words, it's like Oxford St but better. The show was entertaining! Very silly, and kind of weird seeing the movie played out in a musical. A couple of the songs I wasn't crazy about, but overall they were good. The acoustics were a bit off, though. The mics needed to be a bit louder because the singing was drowned out at times by the pit. The most disappointing part though? Elle. The lady who played her was clearly talented, but she kept changing her accent and it sounded like Elle was either from NY or Boston. But she's from neither. So that was a bit odd. All in all, not my favorite show, but it wasn't so bad.

Best part of my week? I found a dead mouse under my bed. Oh yes. That was awesome. I was cleaning and it was hiding under a bag. Couldn't have been there long, but really freaked me out. Now I keep hearing things in the middle of the night. Sleep this week has been just stellar.

It's ok though, because I'm going home TOMORROW.


  1. This post makes me happy!I hope your move goes smoothly.

  2. love your blog adrianne! if it makes you feel better a bat got into my house a few weeks ago. we... negotiated his exit with the help of a broom (and many layers!) but the thought of waking up to a host of bats flying around my room freaks me out!!

    welcome home! hope the blog continues!