Friday, December 3, 2010

oh hai, i'm running a 5k tomorrow.

My race is in 10hrs. I'm currently sitting in my kitchen, already dressed. When I told my dad I was 'practicing my outfit', he gave me a look like for serious? Yes. For serious. The race is called the Santa Shuffle, and costumes are welcome. I don't do costumes, so I've settled for a pair of red shorts (over my running leggings, of course. I'm not that crazy), and the shirt for the race under my (black) running jacket. Not superly, overly festive, but I've got the color scheme down. Kind of.

Also, I had a super fabulous meetup with some of the ladies on the 20's board yesterday! It was fantastic, and you should be jealous that you weren't there.

proof! (Photo courtesy of Bebe)

Ok, I'm tired. I need my beauty rest. Be on the lookout for a race recap in the next day or two! Provided I like you. Which I do. I promise. pinky swear.

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