Monday, July 4, 2011

pretty sure i was supposed to tell you about truckeroo, and then i forgot..

What the heck is truckaroo, you ask? 

Pure awesomeness, I tell you!
Food trucks, if you're been living under a rock, are this year's "it" thing. Sure, they've always been around (usually in the form of a little cart downtown that serves questionable-looking hot dogs, Polish (not polished) sausages, and the safer choices of bottled drinks and chips. Now you can find anything from barbeque to mac and cheese to lobster rolls (if you live in the DC area, just follow @foodtruckfiesta for daily maps of truck locations! It's fantastic). Lines tend to be a little on the long side, so plan accordingly. If you're like me, planning accordingly means purposely picking the truck with the longest line. That's usually where the best food is. True foodie right here.

On the first Friday of each month, 15-20 food trucks gather in one fenced off area just off the metro near Nationals stadium, and open 11am-9pm. The first Friday of June my brother, his girlfriend and I trekked down to the event to check it out. As much as I love trying new foods, my schedule doesn't necessarily allow for a lot of lunching downtown, which unfortunately cuts down on my number of food truck experiences. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that. (See how much I trust you?)

Entry is free, and you get a bracelet if you're 21+ because this party ain't for kids. Except kids are all over the place. Start 'em young! (On the food trucks, not the adult beverages. Clearly.) We walked around for a few minutes and decided to divide and concquer the lines. I chose this one (the one on the right):

It may not seem like much, but the line was literally a good 50ish people when I stepped in, and took about 20-30min to get through. The truck is TaKorean, which serves Korean barbeque tacos. They have 3 types on the menu at all times - bulgogi (marinated beef ribs), tofu and chicken. That day they also had a special marinated pork. You can get them either singly or in sets of 3, and it's totally kosher to mix and match. I picked up 6 of these bad boys and did a combo of the 4 proteins so we could try each. The beef was the winner among all three judges, with the pork coming in a close second. 

While I was waiting in line at TaKorean, my brother and his girlfriend went around to a pie truck, a barbeque truck, and a mac and cheese truck. The pie was decent but nothing to write home about. The barbeque was pretty tasty! The star of the show was definitely the mac and cheese though, from CapMac. We tried their classic, which has loads of cheddar cheese, some pimiento for a little kick, and crumbled cheez-its on top for crunch. The second kind we tried was a goat cheese mac with a *gasp* pea pesto! If you know anything about me, it's the fact that I hate peas. With a passion. So much so that I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this a bajillion times. Here's the kicker....I liked it

*Pause for effect*

I LIKED IT! My brother ordered it for me because all I saw was the name, which said everything about goat cheese and nothing about peas. Me finding out about the peas would have entailed one of the following: A) me reading the description of said mac, or B) my brother telling me about the peas, because he read the description. Neither happened. Halfway through I found a part of a pea shell, and realized what had happened. Of course my brother was laughing hysterically because this is exactly how we used to get him to eat things as a kid (I never had this issue, because I'd eat anything. Except peas). Yes, he found this hysterical. Somewhere, on that day, you may have seen a pig flying or possibly hell freezing over. That would be why.

To finish off our well-rounded meals, we stopped at the popsicle truck. As soon as I saw strawberry-rhubarb on the menu, I was sold. I checked to make sure there were no peas (har har) and went for it. Brother and girlfriend got chocolate, kind of like fudgsicles.

So excited for our pops!

The pop truck was even giving away leis! So Girlfriend and I each got one in colors that matched our dresses.

We then tied them in knots so they looked kind of like bow ties. We're so awesome.

All in all, it was a super fun afternoon, and something I would definitely go to again. And you should come, too.

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