Monday, August 22, 2011

what do you do when your weather looks like this? (see below)

You take the puppy for a 2 mile walk.
I had already decided on my way home from work that I wanted to run/walk the two mile loop in our neighborhood (I say it like it's the only two mile loop in our neighborhood. It's not, it's just the only one that we walk. We being my family. Because we mapped it out like 20 years ago and we're creatures of habit). It was one of the first days that make you realize Fall is on the way, where you can actually get into your car that's been sitting outside all day without dying immediately, turn off the A/C and open the windows, and blast Maroon 5 on your drive home. Oh wait, that's just me. 
Anyway, after my super long (read: 4.6 mile) commute home, with my arm hanging out the window like a cool kid, I was greeted by a very, very enthusiastic puppy. I'm surprised I survived with all my limbs. Aside from the occasional attempt to sit down in the middle of the road (him, not me) and the occasional need to roll around in the grass (me, not him. Just kidding.), we had a very successful and fun walk! We even managed to jog a bit, mostly when there was a mom with a baby in a stroller jogging in front of us. The other dogs and runners and bicyclists he could deal with, but for some reason he just had to chase after the baby stroller. I guess that's what babies puppies do. 

Now we're both pooped.


  1. I took my dog for a long walk too. Not sure of the mileage but we hiked for over an hour. =) Yay nice weather!

  2. That's awesome! It's so nice being able to take advantage of the beautiful days.