Tuesday, October 11, 2011

vacation is sexy, part 2b. london, in (far fewer) pictures.

fish and chips #1.

most.heavenly.coffee.ever. Standing in line for entry coffee (aka coffee #1 of borough trip)

my favorite pesto! too bad my favorite stall employee, Josie, wasn't there. She's traveling around Africa. Rough life.

little cup of heaven

food board for the best sandwiches ever. I go with the spiced lamb every single time. I dreamt about this sandwich for months. Literally.


lamb's close-up.

homemade sauces for the sandwiches. From left: harissa, salsa  verde, sweet chilli, and lemon garlic aioli. For the lamb we recommend the harissa and the salsa verde, if you like a kick (can you tell I eat here all the time?)
it may not look like much, but seriously. Go get yourself one of these.
Chillin' in the church garden behind the market, enjoying my sandwich. A common ritual at Borough.

walk *this* way.
tower o' carbs!

fruit and veg!

Brindisa, the Spanish market, aka where I get my fix of murcia al vino (drunken goat's cheese)
Did someone say "queso"?

spoils from the market.

view from the top.
skyping with your father always makes for a fun afternoon.

stopping to smell the fun-looking flowers in Oxford.

me and new mommy Lilach! I know, she totally doesn't look like she had a baby two months ago. Not fair.
Hampstead Heath

precious baby Ofek

me and Britt in Oxford!

I miss it already.

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