Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy dad's day!

<----my dad, and some random person I swear I've never seen in my life. I'm in a different country from my dad. This makes me sad. (Look at me, I made a rhyme!) Some people may think I'm crazy, but I really kind of need to talk to him like, every day. Yes, I'm 25 and an adult. But also, I love my parents. So if that makes me crazy, so be it. I would like to take a moment and thank my dad for a few things: *for always apologizing first *for passing on a teensy bit of neurosis before traveling, which has spread to pretty much every aspect of my life.
*for being an awesome cook (he's modest so he won't admit this, but really he's pretty dang good) and teaching me how to be a total foodie.
*for teaching me how to spend money while complaining about not having any.
*for the hilarious conversation, quick wit and sending text messages at the dinner table.
*for always looking out for me, even when it seemed at the time as though he just wanted to make my life miserable.
*for putting up with me for 25 years. Although let's face it, we both know he loves it.

Love ya dad!


  1. I love reading your blog posts! Great way to let your Dad know how much you appreciate him, but dedicating your blog post to him! How many Dad's can say that their Father's Day gift was a dedicated blog post?!?