Tuesday, August 31, 2010

IP: what's in your fridge?

Ok, I guess that could read "what's in my fridge?" but whatever.

Why are you posting about what's in your fridge? Well, some of my fabulous bloggie friends have been posting about what's in their purses. My purse is really boring, especially considering the fact that today I'm using a wristlet. Do you know how much stuff fits in a wristlett? Money, keys, iPod. I guess I could put my phone in there too, but I like my phone in my pocket.


Having a boring purse, and really not being very fun and girly in general (aka I don't have lots of fun random stuff in my purse except maybe receipts...), and loving food way more than the contents of my purse, I've decided to post what's in my fridge. Maybe it'll give you some ideas of what to buy at the store next time you go, or maybe you'll just think I'm crazy.

<---my fridge. No, I'm not super tall. My fridge is super tiny. It's the size of a dishwasher! Fits under the counter. Quite a struggle for someone who has a grocery shopping problem. Anyway, this is what my fridge looks like after a trip to Tesco (where I stuck to my list, thank you very much! Well, except for the oranges. And the butternut squash. Those weren't on the list. Stupid impulse buys...)

So here's what I've got. I'll even organise it by shelf for y'all.

Freezer (see the "fragile" tape? It's holding my freezer door shut. This will help explain why the list is the way it is):
*frozen green beans. If you ever come over, I would definitely advise against eating said green beans. They've been thawed and frozen several times, and they smell a little. I use them as my ice pack after running. They haven't been used in a couple months, but back when icing was a twice daily ritual, they were in and out well, twice each day.

Top Shelf:
*fresh sage
*fresh basil
*farm fresh eggs (the best kind. If you like eggs and haven't tried farm fresh (cage-free, of course), you definitely have to find them. If you have a farm nearby, they're even comparable in price to what you'll get in the store)
*brussel sprouts (thanks to Jen, I decided I need to give these babies another chance)
*Arnold's sandwich thins (yes, I brought a pack with me from the States!)

Middle Shelf:
*My favorite red pesto from the olive stall at Borough
*Murcia al vino (drunken goat's cheese), from the Spanish market at Borough
*HP sauce
*yellow bell pepper
*there's also a jar of harissa and a jar of chili sauce in the back

Bottom Shelf:
*the last of last week's Murcia purchase
*sliced mushrooms
*low-fat plain greek yogurt
*loaf of wholemeal bread (I never go through bread fast enough to keep it on the counter)

*white asparagus
*heirloom tomato (yes, just one left)
*red bell pepper
*snap peas

*fresh butter
*dijon mustard
*light mayo, for those random BLT and egg salad cravings
*grainy country mustard
*Madras paste
*hot sauce
*skim milk
*mango-passion fruit smoothie
*Frank's red hot

*butternut squash

This is nowhere near all of my food. My cabinets above the counter are chock full of dry goods. I used to shy away from using dry goods because of the time commitment, but they're cheaper and really not labor-intensive. They just take planning. Sometimes I go a little crazy in the bulk section of Whole Foods. Now that I'm only here for another month, I better get crackin' on eating this stuff!

Speaking of bulk goods, ever since reading the first few chapters of the book Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant, I've been craving beans and rice. Today I finally got around to buying some rice, so guess what I had for lunch? Beans and rice! (That was really difficult, wasn't it?) At the suggestion of the guy who wrote the chapter on beans and rice, I first sauteed garlic and onion in the pan, before adding my black beans (tip: cook a bunch of beans at once if you buy them dry, and store in the fridge for quick meals). I also added a small tomato and some center-cut (read: lean) bacon, since they needed using. Once everything was all hot and cooked, I served on top of brown rice and cut up an avocado to go with. Totally SFT and totally scrumptious! Just in case you were wondering.

Up tonight: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! That makes 2 shows in one week, with 2 more before I've reached my goal for my list. I ♥ the West End.

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