Thursday, August 5, 2010

stuck in the mud

...that's what I feel like right now. Like I'm stuck in a big puddle of mud and I kind of want to get myself out but it's way easier to just sit there because I know when I leave the mud I'll have to like, clean up and make an effort to walk and move around and whatnot. That's kind of what my WLJ feels like right now. I've been stuck in the same friggin' decade since January, but I didn't even realize that until recently (which I've probably mentioned once or twice or a brazillian times but whatever it's my blog and you just have to deal with it). I made a small effort for like, a week, which is just not enough, in case you were wondering. Apparently weight loss is an ongoing effort? Who knew.

Now, I need change.
I'm ready to get out of the mud.

Tomorrow is my WI. I've decided to try Simply Filling finally. My eating habits, in terms of choices, are pretty in-line with Simply Filling anyway. The hardest part will be portion control, but even that I think I've gotten a much better handle on lately. If for no other reason than I just can't physically eat as much as I could 50lbs ago, I have better control over my portion sizes nowadays. If I try to conquer a large amount of food I just feel miserable afterwards and who wants that? It kind of negates the awesomeness of the meal.

I know it'll take a bit more effort on my part, but I just need to shake things up. I've randomly got some new motivation, and I'm going to take it without any questions. Don't question a good thing, right?

ps: see that picture there? That was taken 3 years ago. See that dress I'm wearing? That dress took my friend and I roughly an hour (ok maybe not that long, but it felt like it) to get zipped all the way up. See my arms? They're pretty gross. I was pretty uncomfortable that day, but I was so dang determined to wear that dress.

Well, I have a wedding coming up this weekend and guess what? I'm wearing that dress. It took me about 10 seconds to zip, and that's only because I caught my side in the zipper when I wasn't paying attention. Yes, I'm awesome. Pictures to come after the event! Being able to zip the dress was a great feeling. I have other items in my closet that I would love to fit back properly into. That's some good motivation right there.

You know what else is good motivation? Shopping.

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