Thursday, January 27, 2011

a three hour tour.

You can do so many things in three hours.

You could go to a movie...

You could take a nap...

You could eat a six course gourmet meal...

...or you could drive 10 miles home from work in the 8" of snow that accumulated in four hours.
Guess which one I did yesterday?

Now, I have no right to complain. It took the poor boyfriend, along with thousands of other DC metro residents, 6-8hrs to get home last night. And I'd imagine that's just the people who live within a 10-15 mile radius. Someone on the radio last night posed a very good (and terrifying) question: what if we had a real emergency? What if, god forbid, we had to evacuate the city for some reason? Basically, it looks like we're screwed. Sorry, DC! You're not going anywhere.

When I hit the roads just over two hours after the snow started, the plows hadn't even gotten around yet. In a city where 1" shuts us down, this is what we like to call "no bueno" (that's Spanish for "this really sucks!") Because the federal government and many other offices closed early, there were just too many cars on the road by the time it got bad for the plows to get in. My drive home looked something like this:

And it was even worse because there was snow. Like, a million times worse.

By about 10pm, the slush on the roads turned to ice. Thankfully I wasn't on the road at that point, but some family friends of ours were. So they came over (since our house is on their way home), and we had a sleepover! With ice cream and wine! Super fun!

Now it's all sunny out and the weather is like "hey look at me! I'm deceivingly beautiful! This snow isn't harmful, it's just pretty and makes your backyard look like a frosted cupcake! Come play with me!" But I know better. I'm on to you, Mother Nature.

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