Monday, January 24, 2011

when i cleaned my room, i found my motivation.

I haven't worked out in over a week. If my shoes had emotions, they would have been silently crying in the corner for days. (Could you imagine if they did? They would probably yell at me on my runs and freak me out a bit). Or maybe they wouldn't have been silently crying, but their sounds would have been muffled by the plethora of clothing on my floor. Once I had cleaned up a bit, it was as if my motivation and energy were restored. I think the state of my room is a good tell for my mood and stress level...although my dad may tell you that it's just a mess regardless.
Ok, I think that's enough personification and passive voice.

With a high of around 25* today, I decided it was as good a time as any to get back out there. I've been making excuses about the weather for weeks, when I know full well I have the appropriate gear for the cold. Today, I sucked it up and geared up:
Pretty Badass, right?

In case anyone is wondering, here's what I've got on: 2 pairs of running tights (one pair of all-weather and one pair of cold gear), a cold gear hoodie under a running jacket, an awesome help-you-breathe mesh face mask, and a knit wide headband to keep my ears warm. That thing is perfect because it shields my ears from the cold air, but it doesn't make my head too hot! The knit is pretty loose so it's super breathable.

Anyhoo, I went out for just sub-2mi today. I know I won't have time tomorrow because of work, but I'll be back out there on Wednesday!

Oh also, I lost .4 this morning. How the hell that happened I have no idea. Apparently I made better choices this week. I'll have to go back through my journal. This week I'm attempting to save my weeklies for the few dine-out meals I already have planned (and the few I'm sure I'll have that aren't planned, as I seem to have a sort of affinity for many restaurant meals each week...). 

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