Friday, July 29, 2011

really boring title.

Please excuse the lack of creativity, I haven't had my coffee yet today.

This week I maintained at WI. I've been working out more, and eating more, and not trying to restrict myself so much during the week for the sake of the weekend. You see, I used to use lots of weekly points over the weekend and then none during the week. Buuuut that was when I wasn't really exercising, so I couldn't get away with eating extras so close to WI. Also, I probably could have, but that was my mentality. I was still treating WW as a diet, restricting myself for the sake of the number on the scale. The last few weeks have been different, though. I've *gasp* eaten over my daily points almost every day, including Thursdays. The horror! But then I step on the scale on Friday, and eureka! A loss! Incredible. I guess it doesn't matter when I eat, as long as I make good choices. Sure, the first week might result in a gain, but then everything evens out. I'm so much happier with this. I don't feel guilty for the midnight cookie that was well within my points the night before I step on the scale. Not even a little. Not even an ounce. I guess I'm learning.

Today also marked the start of the next cycle in my challenge. I've been thinking about what my new goal would be, and decided to stick with something activity-based. My eating is pretty good right now. I'm still planning ahead, and making the best choices possible (most of the time). Yesterday, I even went so far as to throw out chicken nuggets. Awesomely-nice-but-mildly-pushy-when-it-comes-to-food coworker brought me McNuggets when all I asked for was an iced coffee. This happens on the regular. Normally I eat the nuggets (at just 5PP for the 4pc box, I'm not too shaken up), take something out of my meal plan for the day, and move along. Yesterday, I ate two and then realized I wasn't hungry. And I had packed yummy food for lunch. Why was I eating the nuggets? The last two went into the trash. Progress!

Anyway. Back to the challenge. I thought back on the last 3 weeks and how my mileage happened. It took me 3 days each week to get the 5 miles in (more so because I was running before work and didn't feel like waking up earlier than because I couldn't do more mileage). So for this new cycle, I'm stepping it up a little. If I up the mileage to 6, which is a baby step, I can still get away with pushing everything into 2 or 3 days. I need to do more. SO this cycle's goal will be: workout 4 days every week. This will definitely be a little bit of a stretch, but should be just enough to get me exercising on the regular. Also, it helps with my foodie habit by giving me more wiggle room.

I love wiggle room.

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