Saturday, July 23, 2011

things my camera sees, and then forgets to tell you about, part 2 (two).


I have recently become a fan of Pinterest, which is like a bulletin board / scrap-booking social network. Basically, you "pin" pictures you like to boards you set up on your profile, and share them with lots of people. You can also pin pictures that other people have on their boards. The concept is great because it allows you to find something you really like on the internetz, and revisit it at a later date without having to do a lengthy search or overloading your bookmarks bar. When you pin something, the picture has the source link embedded in it so you can always go back to the original website! Why is this relevant, you ask? Because one day while browsing through other boards, I came across a pin that led to a recipe for homemade Cheez-its. o.m.g. I immediately pinned the recipe to my "om nom nom" board, and told my friend L that we would be making them over the weekend when she was coming over to meet the pupster. She was equally excited. I'm not going to post the recipe, because if you click on the link above it'll take you to the original site. Let Katrina show you! I will, however, show you pictures of our adventure.

The dough. Super complicated - cheese, flour, butter and a teensy bit of water. We used whole wheat flour.
The dough, complete with little pin pricks in the middle
Putting the crackers on a baking sheet. Go me!
Aaahhhhh I'm sideways!!

Cheez-its love the outdoors...

I love ovens! And cheese!
These things were super delicious! I wish we had made more to have later. Except we totally would have eaten them right then and there. They only took like 25min from start to finish. Seriously guys, go make them now.

So that was the most exciting part of my Sunday. Monday was spent hanging out with Mr Chester, which was super fun! The weather wasn't great anyway, so I probably would have just complained the entire time had I gone outside somewhere. Win-win.

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