Saturday, July 23, 2011

things my camera sees, and then forgets to tell you about, part 1 (one).

I'm great at taking pictures. Really. The hard part? Plugging my camera in, uploading all those photos, and then blogging about them. I'm exhausted just thinking about the whole process. Or maybe I'm exhausted from the workout I just finished. In my new running shoes. Oh yeah. 

Basically, I have pictures from like, a month ago, that I took specifically for the purpose of blogging, and then I forgot and blogged about other things. So let's just pretend like we just came off an amazing fourth of July weekend and I want to tell you all about it. K? K.

Saturday the boyfriend and I went to a double header Nationals vs Pirates game. It was roughly 95 500* (Celsius, duh) outside, and I complained like a baby until the shade found us. Which wasn't until 5:30. We arrived at 1. Awesome

This is my "zomg it's so hot out someone get me an ice pack STAT!" face
All in all, it was a really fun time! We sat next to a group of guys who hands down had to be the funniest hecklers ever, so we had non-stop entertainment during what otherwise would have been a very boring game. Seriously, there was no action out in left field (where our seats were - and before you make fun of me, we were in the front row and had a great view of everything! And we got the hecklers. Huge bonus) until about the last 2 innings of the second game. For reals. Both games were overall pretty low-scoring, and there were some really stupid fumbles by a few players that caused mucho disappointment. In the end, each team won one game. It was nice that the Nats at least won the second game, so we could end on a high note.

After the game, they set off fireworks! It was a pretty awesome display, and perfect because I was going to miss out on the actual day-of celebrations to have a hot date with puppy Chester.

Now I'm going to be all fancy and break up the post so it's not like, a billion pages long. Except everything shows up on one page. The beauty of the internetz.

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