Wednesday, September 28, 2011

but i am le tired...

Some people are born morning people. 

Some people turn into morning people as they get older and get into daily routines which tend to be morning heavy (like say, getting a job).

Some people will never adjust. 

Can you guess which category I'm in?

It's nearly 11:30am and I still look like this:

Granted, that might be because last night I did this:
See how happy I look at 11:30 pm?
If you can't read my hand, it says 9:30. I spent last night at the 9:30 Club, seeing this guy:
Ok it's a little small, but that's the best picture I could get. It's been years (I'm talking like, 7-8 not 2-3) since I've been here, and last time I went to a concert they didn't allow cameras. Now, possibly thanks to advances in technology, they don't have that rule anymore. So I was stuck with phone photos. In case you can't tell, that's Matt Nathanson. 

I'll admit, when I bought the ticket a few months ago I didn't know much about him. I had one mix album of his that I inadvertently downloaded sometime back in college, which I loved.  After last night though, I think it's safe to say I'm a fan! As much as I love listening to CDs, there's nothing quite like listening to an artist perform live in all their glory and awesomeness. When they sound better live than they do recorded? That's just perfection. Matt certainly did not disappoint - he has incredible talent, and the mid-concert banter was hilarious. If he comes to your area, I'd highly recommend checking him out.

So anyway, the doors opened at 7. My friend and I got there around 8, and the opening act didn't start until 8:30. Matt came on around 9:30, and we got out of there at 11:30. Home at midnight, in bed at maybe midnight:01. This morning, I'm hurting.

Funny story from last night: after ticket scanning, you have to get your hand stamped once they check your ID to determine your eligibility to imbibe beverages of the alcoholic nature. The girl who was stamping hands works in my office. I didn't know this, so imagine my surprise when there she is sitting in front of me. We chatted for a few minutes before heading into the venue. I'm almost a little jealous that she gets paid to listen to concerts. Almost.

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