Wednesday, September 14, 2011

start of term turns me into stabby mcstabberson.

When I started working at my current job, which is on a university campus, the students were on summer break. Sure, there were some floating around for summer courses, but for the most part the place is a ghost town. Tumbleweeds and all (ok maybe just in my head, but all the same. Or not). Since I'm too lazy to look at the calendar I'm new to the place, I didn't know the semester was starting until I noticed a few differences on campus.

1. I can no longer park in the surface lot right outside my building because students park there illegaly and take the risk of tickets for what, convenience in getting to class? The campus takes like, 10 minutes to walk end to end. The garage on the other side of my building isn't so bad, except there's no way to exit near my building except walking down the ramp. This makes me mildly stabby, especially in heels, in the morning, before coffee.

2. The gym is absolutely packed right after work, full of freshman girls working hard (at least for the next two weeks) to avoid the freshman 50 15. Try all you want ladies, it's inevitable. Tonight I was lucky to find an open elliptical when I walked in, otherwise I would have had to do the stairs or recumbent bike. Yuck.

3. Students.are.everywhere. It took me at least twice as long to drive off campus tonight because no fewer than four students stepped into the road without looking first. I even had a stare down with the last one, some stick of a thing in heels (seriously, are you going to a bar at 5:30pm? Who are you trying to impress?). I was yelling at her from the confines of my vehicle and she gave me a "who do you think you are?" stare back. Just because your parents are paying gobs of money for you to come here for your (albeit fantastic) education, doesn't mean you're entitled to do what you want with no consequences. You're not Superman. You're lucky I pay attention, because you could have easily been hit. Stay on the freaking sidewalk, and look both ways before crossing the street (yes, even if it's on campus). This makes me the most stabby of all. And that's coming from someone who lives in the capital of people who don't give a crap and cross the road without looking, and without crosswalks (myself included (but only for the second bit)). 

I'm sure these factors will minimize in the next few weeks, once students start getting parking tickets and realize they don't actually have to go to all of their classes but could instead sleep a few extra hours. A girl can dream, right?

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